2016 Pesticide action week: communication tools are ready !

Time is running as we are getting ready for the next edition of the Pesticide Action Week so here are some news for you:

  • Download and use the official poster and logo !
  • Think about sending me your event's information
  • A hint on some of the french events!

Fresh and new: the communication tools are ready!

Our new communication tools for the 2016 edition and our international partners are ready so do not hesitate to download them, print them, use them and relay them around you to communicate on your events !

- The poster that you can download here in englishhere in spanish and here in german

- The logo that you can download here in englishhere in spanish and here in german

- The call to participate is still available in both english and spanish

Register your events for the official program

You can already register your events on our website so that you are on the official program !

Do not hesitate to register your events here and, if too complicated please send me an email at sophie@generations-futures.fr with all the informations (date, time, exact place and description + a contact) so that we register your events for you. If you register, you will have more visiblility, will be part of the official program and your events will appear on the events map here !

Highlithing a few national events

A year dedicated to health: some of the french actions !

2016 will focus on the question of health because it seems really important to us to show that pesticides can harm our health as we have more and more evidences with scientific studies. We are currently working on a pesticide & health document to give out to doctor’s waiting room to raise awareness among patients, especially those who work in the countryside because they are more likely to be directly confronted to pesticide-related illnesses. In parallel, Generation Futures will launch a campaign focusing on by-standers that are victims of pesticides with victim’s testimonies and the coordination of local victims groups organizing to make their situation better.

Pesticides free towns

The 2016 pesticide action week will also be a good opportunity in France to raise awareness on pesticide free towns because of the “Labbé law” passed last year. This law actually forbids the use of pesticides in public spaces from the 1st of January 2017 on. Generations Futures and its partners on the “0phyto 100%bio campaign” will take advantage of the next months to put pressure on French cities so that they anticipate the law and change their practices all year long. This is why we will launch videos of exemplary French cities that have already stopped using pesticides in their public spaces and that promote organic farming through their collective restauration. This videos plus a kit dedicated to help technicians and elected members to change their practices will show that is it possible and necessary to use alternatives to pesticides and to promote organic farming in order to protect our health and environment.

This pesticide free town campaign will also have a european side with PAN Europe  working on the issue.

Fight against pesticides by supporting us !